We are reading stories in Farsi for our kids. These stories have been written with extensive care, or they have been picked from the poetries, myths and folklores of different countries and cultures. Then, they have been translated to an informal language appropriate for communicating with kids. Our goal is showing them the beauty of this beautiful language, and familiarizing the kids with their mother tongue.


Story-Telling at Library

The fifth story-telling and book-drawing event for children was held by Ms. Farzaneh Davati at Allameh Amini Library in Summer 2019. Farzaneh Davati is a well-known expert in kids education. In this event, the kids are listening to the story, then based on their memorization and understanding of the book, they utter their own story. The books had been chosen from Awastan Audio books and other publishers.

Stay tuned for out upcoming events!