audio books

original awastan sotires

Haft Sin

Mahtab and tricycle



iranian literature

Here you find stories from most ancient iranian literature. They are edited for children also under 10 years old. Some of the stories are modified for the modern time.

the bike is gone

the lion and the rabbit

the lion without tail and mane

Bardia at perfumery

fairy tails

Fairy tail are very important for improving children fantasy. In the world of fairy tails everyting is possible. The tails are chosen from famous fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersson, Grimm Brüder and other famous authors. Some of the tails are changed slightly to conform the sensible spirit of the children of today and also the iranian culture.

Hassanak in luck

Eshghabad town musicians

the emperor's new clothes

rebel iranian

There are many rebel iranian girls and boys who changed the world to a better one. We introduce them here to motivate the children better forming their future.

maryam mirzakhani

Khaje Nassir el-Din

Amir Kabir


Tooran Mirhadi


international stories

The great international children books are translated to farsi. Find out your favourite ones...

Komm, wir finden einen Schatz!

Oh, wie schön ist PANAMA

cooperation with other publishing houses

khale lak-lak

li-li aroosi