paintings exhibition

You have done great jobs! Yes all of you!

Find your painting below and show it to your friends and family!


All of the paitings were beautiful. Therefore, awastan team could not choose any winner and put all the paintings here as an exhibition. They are sorted by the age of the children. Click on each to see the name, age and city.


Also all the children received small presents from awastan. See the pictures at the bottom of this page. If you have not receive yours yet, please let us know.

All of the children got small presents from awastan. Here you see Erwin (6) from the Netherlands, Sarira (6) and Arousha (4) from Tehran and Emily (3) from Toronto.

If you still like to participate in the paintings exhibition go here

* All rights of the paintings belong to the children themselves. For the pictures of the children Awastan got the permission from their parents. Any kind of republication of these pictures or paintings without an official permission from Awastan is illegal. Get the permission here. Thank you for respecting childrens rights.